Westgate UCW12W 3W 12Inch Led Linear Undercabinet Lights 12V DC

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Westgate UCW12W

UCW12W Product Description

3W 12Inch Led Linear Undercabinet Lights 12V DC

Wattage: 3W
Working voltage: 12V DC - (driver required)
Highly efficient SMD 3528 chip technology
Integral switch, push on - push off
Plug in electronic or hard wired magnetic drivers available Mounting hardware and coupler included Polycarbonate end caps with universal feed thru mono-pin receptacle
Suitable for interior applications only
Ambient temperature rating: –20°C (4°F) to +40°C (104°F)
Max continuous run: 24w (5”)
Dimmable using magnetic low voltage transformer:
1. Hardwire application will require “magnetic low voltage
dimmable driver DC” For Westgate UCM Series-use compatible “magnetic low voltage wall dimmer”
2. The touch dimmer or the “in line dimmer” can only be used with the inline transformer
Ultra-low profile—only 1/4” deep
Extruded aluminum housing with white powder coat finish
Smooth white acrylic lens (.125” thickness). No lamp imaging

Warranty: 5 Years

Very low profile, easy to install, cool to the touch
High brightness with excellent color rendition and years of maintenance-free operation
Wide selection of mounting hardware, accessories and LED drivers

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