Nora Lighting NHP-926 6-in Sloped Ceiling Quad/Triple Tube Compact Fluorescent Housing

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NORA Lighting NHP-926

NHP-926 Product Description

6” Economy Compact Fluorescent housings for sloped ceilings offers affordable solutions for energy savings and creates a clear path of unobstructed light from a maximum 6/12 pitch (22-1/2 degree) ceiling to any floor or work plane. Light sources are available in warm to cool colors with optional dimming capability featured. Housings accept a wide variety of attractive finishing trims suitable for any interior.


Light Source : Compact Fluorescent
Aperture Size : 6"
Application : Sloped Ceiling
Construction Type : New Construction, Non-IC

Maximum Slope Angle: Pitch: 6/12; Angle: 22-1/2 Degrees

Ballast: 13W 120V Magnetic (M) or 13-42W Electronic (EL) with Universal Input (120V-277V).

Lamp Types: 13W Magnetic 2-Pin Quad; 13W-26W Electronic 4-Pin Quad; 13W-42W Electronic 4-Pin Triple

Emergency Option: Emergency back-up operates one lamp for a minimum of 90 minutes. Unit includes battery, charger, and test plate with indicator light (see specification for more info).

Fuse Option: 2A Fuse may be added to any compact fluorescent frame-in. Add suffix FS.

Minimum Clearances: Non-IC housings require minimum clearances of 3″ from thermal insulation and 1/2″ from adjacent building components

Bar Hangers: bar hangers are adjustable from 13-5/8″ to 24-1/2″ and can be repositioned 90 degrees

Length: 11-1/8″
Width: 9-1/2″
Depth: 7-3/4″
Ceiling Opening: 6-3/4″ elliptical

Item Numbers:
NHP-926/13EL: 6″ 13W Sloped Compact Fluorescent Electronic Housing
NHP-926/18EL: 6″ 18W Sloped Compact Fluorescent Electronic Housing
NHP-926/2642EL: 6″ 26W-42W Sloped Compact Fluorescent Electronic Housing

About Nora Lighting

After stepping into the lighting game just a little over 20 years ago, Nora lighting has sprinted its way to the top of light fixture suppliers. With a team of the most hip design experts and engineering technologies Nora lights can add a modern, yet dependable edge to your home, job, or college dorm. Nora track lighting and recessed lighting are amongst the best available. So why not play it stylish and smart and go with Nora lighting?
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