Lutron VTW-3-WH Electrical Wall Plate, 3-Gang Vierti Wall Plate - White

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About the Lutron VTW-3-WH 3-Gang Vierti Wall Plate – White

Does your wall look cluttered because of so many switches, knobs and plates? Clean it up and give it an elegant look with the Lutron VTW-3-WH! This exceptionally crafted product gives you the ability to merge three plates into one, giving your wall a look of sleek perfection and modern class. For use with Vierti dimmer switches, you’ll love the gloss finish and sophisticated complexion that the Lutron VTW-3-WH has to offer.

Resistant to nicks, scratches and scuffs, this wall plate is essential for any cohesive room arrangement. The glossy, white finish of this wall plate will blend seamlessly with your walls to give the impression of a high-end, well put together lighting control system.

The Lutron VTW-3-WH snaps into place over your existing light switches for easy installation and shows no screws or crevices, making it nearly flawless to the touch. It comes backed by a one-year limited warranty and the quality standards of Lutron.

  • Designed to cover 3 Vierti LED Dimmer or Switch modules, installed side by side
  • Sleek Finish with no Visible Screws
  • Snaps directly over Dimmer or Switch with Ease
  • Color: White
  • Gang Openings: 3
  • Wallplate Width: 6.56"
Limited 1 year warranty through the manufacturer
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