Lutron SCR-15-GFST-DS GFCI Outlet, 15A Satin Colors, Self-Testing, Tamper Resistant - Desert Stone

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Is your wall socket protected from shocks and tampering? If not, you could be susceptible to any number of dangers regarding unprotected outlets. Remedy the situation with a Lutron SCR-15-GFST-DS Self-Testing Tamper Resistant Receptacles Satin Colors 15 Amp - Desert Stone. It comes with shock resistance built-in, meaning you’ll never have to worry about the dangers from a charged outlet. It also features one of the most reveled systems of protection regarding outlet receptacles: the UL-tested shutter system. Never again will you have to worry about foreign objects entering your outlet and causing mayhem or harm for someone using the outlet. The shutter system closes tight in the even of a forced insertion and only allows natural plugs to be inserted.

If your home has small children or curious pets, consider investing in a long term solution for your outlets. The Lutron SCR-15-GFST-DS is more reliable than other tamper resistant outlet receptacles and has even been called “tamper-proof.” It’s also a great addition to any new home or retrofitting project.

Quick and easy to install, the Lutron SCR-15-GFST-DS is your first choice in safety, functionality and design.

Wallplate Sold Separately. For matching appearance use with Lutron's Satin Colors Wallplates

  • 15-Amp duplex receptacle
  • Tamper resistant shutter mechanism
  • Test/reset button automatically checks every 30 seconds to ensure the unit is functioning properly
  • Coordinates with decorator-style dimmers and switches
  • Coordinating wall plate not included
  • Color: Desert Stone
  • Outlet Type: Duplex
  • Electrical Features: GFCI Safety Circuit, Tamper Resistant
  • Grounding : Ungrounded
  • Material : Plastic
  • Voltage (volts): 120
  • Maximum Amperage (amps): 15
  • Wall Plate Included: No
1 Year Limited Warranty Through The Manufacturer
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