Lutron SC-6PF-BI Electrical Wall Plate, Claro Satin, 6-Port - Biscuit

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About the Lutron SC-6PF-BI Claro Satin 6-Port Frame – Biscuit

Want the diversity to be able to hook up six different style connectors to a single box? The Lutron SC-6PF-BI makes this a reality! With this innovative product from Lutron, you’re able to have complete control of up to six different differentiators, allowing you to customize your room’s data jacks to best fit your living style. Plus, with the Lutron SC-6PF-BI, you’ll easily be able to blend this frame to just about any spot on your walls without causing an eyesore to your room’s current theme.

Compatible with standard Lutron connectors or Hubbell Xcelerator snap-fit connectors, you’ll be able to install and route your data in just minutes. A deep wall box is recommended when installing the Lutron SC-6PF-BI and will yield best results when coupled together.

Route a variety of different data jacks including: telephone jacks, fiber optics, BNC, RCA, S-video and F-type connectors through this product. Lutron makes it easy to take control of your rooms and enables you to stream data in all its forms at your convenience.

Connectors and Designer Wallplate sold separately. For matching appearance use with Lutron's Satin Colors Wallplates.
  • Shipped with 6 blanks
  • Uses either Lutron connectors or Hubbell Xcelerator snap-fit connectors
  • Single-gang 3.5" deep wallbox recommended
  • Blanks match wallplate color
  • Wallplate sold separately
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