Lutron MS-Z101-V-WH Maestro Dimmer Single Pole/Multi-Location Passive Infrared Sensor

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Lutron® Maestro® 0–10 V Dimmer Sensors are
lighting controls with passive infrared sensors that automatically control the lights in an area. These sensors detect heat from occupants moving within an area to determine when the space is occupied.
The Maestro® 0–10 V Dimmer Sensor combines a Maestro® 0–10 V Dimmer with an occupancy or vacancy Sensor


Controls 0–10 V- electronic fluorescent ballasts or LED driver load types
Passive infrared motion detection with exclusive Lutron® XCTTM Technology for fine motion detection
180° sensor field-of-view
Up to 30 ft × 30 ft (9 m × 9 m) [900 ft2 (81 m2)] major motion coverage and 20 ft × 20 ft (6 m × 6 m) [400 ft2 (36 m2)] minor motion coverage
Occupancy version can be set to auto-on/auto-off or manual-on/auto-off
Vacancy version available to meet CA Title 24 requirements
Adjustable timeout (1, 5, 15, or 30 minutes)
Adjustable settings for auto-on light level (occupied level): 100%, 50%, last light level, or locked preset light level
Adjustable sensitivity level: High, Med, Low, Min
Off warning fades lights to off over a period of 10 seconds
Advanced Maestro® dimmer features available (locked preset, fade-to-on, and fade-to-off, etc.)
Adaptive switching algorithm for extended relay life Smart ambient light detection (ALD)
All models have single pole and 3-way capability
Works with a single standard mechanical 3-way switch or up to 9 companion switches (MA-AS or MSC-AS)
High-end trim and low-end trim to adjust maximum and minimum light levels
Selectable dimming curve—linear or square law
Miswire and incompatible load alert


UL Listed to U.S. and Canadian safety requirements
Title 20/24 certified lighting control device
– Complies with Title 20 and Title 24 Section 110.9
Operating voltage: 120–277 V~ 50/60 Hz
8 A 0–10 V- electronic fluorescent ballasts or LED drivers
Works with all ballasts and drivers that provide a current source compliant to IEC 60629 Annex E.2, and whose inrush current does not exceed NEMA410 standards for electronic ballast/driver loads of 8 A steady state current.
50 mA max sink current
Controls up to 25 ballasts or drivers (IEC 60929 Annex E.2 requires the ballast/driver to limit the current draw to 2.0 mA maximum)
Ambient operating temperature: 32 °F to 104 °F (0 °C to 40 °C), 0%–90% humidity, non-condensing; indoor use only
5 Year Limited Warranty
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