Lutron MALV-600-BL Dimmer Switch, 450W Multi-Location Maestro Low Voltage Light Dimmer - Black

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About the Lutron MALV-600-BL 450W Maestro Magnetic Low Voltage Dimmer – Black

The Lutron MALV-600-BL, part of the Maestro Series, is a sleek and modern dimmer that allows you to control you lights with ease. Simply press the main button on the device and you can turn your lights on or off. A rocker, located next to the main button gives you the ability to dim the lights to help you set the mood for any occasion.

When the Lutron MALV-600-BL is not in use, LEDs located on the side of the switch, allow you to see what level the lights are set. You can preset your light levels to get the perfect illumination throughout the day. With a built-in fade-to-off feature, you can leave a room as the lights gradually fade to off, allowing you to avoid having to stumble through the dark! Compatible remote controls are also available to help you control the lights from the comfort of your chair.

With cutting-edge features, the Lutron MALV-600-BL is built to last with its quality construction and finish. The dimmer is easy to install with its three-way wiring and will last for many years. Purchase your wall plate and remote control separately!

  • For control of magnetic low voltage transformers
  • Features a clean, flush, stylish appearance
  • Special Features: Two taps on the switch brings lights on to full brightness; press and hold the switch to slowly fade lights to off over 10 seconds
  • Multi-location dimming from up to 10 locations when used with the MA-R Companion Dimmer
  • LEDs show preset light level and glow softly to act as night light
  • Uses standard single-pole and 3-way wiring for easy installation in any home
  • Power failure memory
  • Front accessible service switch (FASS) to disconnect load power
  • Coordinate using Lutron Claro Wallplates (sold separately)
  • Dimmer Type: Dimmer
  • Locations: Single Pole, Multi Location
  • Wall Plate Included: No
  • Source Type: Magnetic Low Voltage
  • Watts: 450
  • Volts: 120
  • Volt-Ampere: 600
  • Gang: 1
1 year warranty through the manufacturer
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