Lutron MA-S8AM-IV Light Switch, Maestro Digital Switch, Multi-Location - Ivory

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About the Lutron MA-S8AM-IV Maestro Digital Switch, Multi-Location – Ivory

Controlling your lights can be as easy as tapping a button when it comes to the Lutron MA-S8AM-IV. This pinnacle of innovation from Lutron allows you to take back control over your lighting preferences with ease and functionality. Tapping once brings your lights to full power, while a second tap will turn them off. The built-in LED display of the Lutron MA-S8AM-IV keeps you alerted to the power status of the switch by glowing faintly to let you know that it’s live. Protected against electroshocks, the LED will let you know if power is disrupted to the unit – and when power is restored, so will your lighting preferences, due to the built-in memory of this unit.

Never again will you forget to turn out the lights and waste energy on lighting an unoccupied room. The Lutron MA-S8AM-IV features 70-second delay to off, allowing your home system to fade the lights off in the event of discontinued use. Great for closets, kitchens and other spaces that require delayed lighting effects, you’ll be delighted with the exceptional performance of this device.

  • Multi-location switching
  • Single tap brings lights instantly to full on
  • LED indicates status of lighting load
  • Immediate off or 70-second Delay to Off
  • Power failure memory
  • Front accessible service switch (FASS) to disconnect load power
  • Electrostatic discharge tested
  • Uses conventional 3-way and 4-way wiring
  • Color: Ivory
  • Power Input: 120/127VAC, 50/60Hz (requires a neutral wire connection)
  • Mounting: 1-gang US wallbox
  • Temperature: 32-104oF (0-40 oC)
  • Design: Use Lutron Claro or Satin Colors wallplates or standard decorator-style wallplates (Sold Separately)
  • Load Type: Incandescent, fluorescent, magnetic low-voltage, electronic low-voltage, fans
  • Minimum Load: 5W
  • Maximum Capacity: 8 Amperes Lighting loads or 3 Amperes General Purpose Motor
  • Auxiliary Controls: Use up to 9 MA/MSC-AS Accessory Switches for 3
  • way and 4-way applications
1 year warranty through the manufacturer
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