Lutron MA-S8AM-AL Light Switch, Maestro Digital Switch, Multi-Location - Almond

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About the Lutron MA-S8AM-AL Maestro Digital Switch, Multi-Location – Almond

Looking for a lighting option that is protected better than any other switch on the market? The Lutron MA-S8AM-AL is electrostatic tested and offer power failure memory protection at all times. Need to know whether the switch is live and has power flowing to it? The built-in LED of this device will glow steadily as power is received by the switch, letting you know at all times whether or not it’s live. If you need to disconnect power, simply disable the front accessible service switch (FASS) for easy disconnection. When you want to use the switch again, re-enable it for easy use.

Tap the MA-S8AM-AL once to bring your lights to full power and tap it once more to turn them off completely: it’s that easy. The MA-S8AM-AL also features an immediate off setting, or as it is also commonly known, the 70-second delay to off feature. This ensures that you don’t waste energy in your room when the light isn’t directly being used. Great for rooms that require a brief visit, like bathrooms or closet areas, you’ll be delighted with the smart technology that Lutron’s switch delivers.

  • Multi-location switching
  • Single tap brings lights instantly to full on
  • LED indicates status of lighting load
  • Immediate off or 70-second Delay to Off
  • Power failure memory
  • Front accessible service switch (FASS) to disconnect load power
  • Electrostatic discharge tested
  • Uses conventional 3-way and 4-way wiring
  • Color: Almond
  • Power Input: 120/127VAC, 50/60Hz (requires a neutral wire connection)
  • Mounting: 1-gang US wallbox
  • Temperature: 32-104oF (0-40 oC)
  • Design: Use Lutron Claro or Satin Colors wallplates or standard decorator-style wallplates (Sold Separately)
  • Load Type: Incandescent, fluorescent, magnetic low-voltage, electronic low-voltage, fans
  • Minimum Load: 5W
  • Maximum Capacity: 8 Amperes Lighting loads or 3 Amperes General Purpose Motor
  • Auxiliary Controls: Use up to 9 MA/MSC-AS Accessory Switches for 3
  • way and 4-way applications
1 year warranty through the manufacturer
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